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Get a gorgeous website in WordPress

We offer you a gorgeous developed website in the OpenSource system WordPress. We do not compromise on quality, plus we at Dura Mono offer a subscription solution.

Website subscription

At Dura Mono, we offer a subscription solution on your website. Payment is therefore made via a small, monthly amount.

One of the great advantages of a subscription solution is that you, as a trader, do not need to have the big wallet, to get started and make your dreams a reality. In addition, we keep the website updated and provide support – which means that the technical responsibility lies on our shoulders, and that you instead can spend your time on your business.

We offer you a gorgeous developed website in the OpenSource system WordPress. For us, your website is a single standing project and therefore it is important for us to adapt the design to your needs. Any WordPress solution can be expanded with specially developed plugins so that your website get’s the desired features.

Your WordPress website belongs to you – even though we have developed it for you. WordPress is very user-friendly and intuitive to use – even for those who are not used to such systems. It is very important to us that when your website is launched that you can easily and quickly write text’s, add images etc. without having outside help.

The price of a website subscription starts from ONLY 725 per. month.

The small print:

  • All prices are in EUR and ekskl. VAT
  • There is a binding period of 12 months, after which the subscription can be terminated with 3 months notice

  • If the subscription is terminated after the expiration of the binding period, Dura Mono will hand out codes so that the customer can move the site to another hosting provider. 

Basic website

96 Monthly
  • Start up fee from 199,-
  • Website set up with up to 5 subpages
  • Standard design tailored to your wishes
  • Responsive design
  • One language
  • SEO - module
  • Integration with your social media
  • Integration with Mailchimp (sign up for newsletter)
  • Hosting
  • Daily backup
  • SSL - certificate
  • Ongoing updates of WordPress
  • Ongoing updates of theme and plugins
  • 5 vouchers of 15 min. yearly

We can also help you with the following

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