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At Dura Mono, we offer tailor-made websites and webshop solutions. We offer you a gorgeous responsive (desktop, mobile, tablet) site developed in the OpenSource system WordPress. If you are looking for a flexible, competitive, “All inclusive” setup that gives you the profit to be able to focus on your business, then we have the solution for you.


96,- per month 


136,- per month

The small print:

  • All prices are in EUR and ekskl. VAT
  • There is a binding period of 12 months, after which the subscription can be terminated with 3 months notice

  • If the subscription is terminated after the expiration of the binding period, Dura Mono will hand out codes so that the customer can move the site to another hosting provider.

We also offer

Service deal

Are you the owner of an existing website or webshop developed in WordPress, which needs a service inspection followed by a reliable and flexible service agreement? At Dura Mono, we know our craft and are happy to take on the task as your new WordPress partner.

Our service agreement is an offer for you who want online security through an “all-inclusive” solution. Then you can focus on your business and leave the responsibility for updates and maintenance of your website or webshop to us. Read more about the service agreement here


A voucher can be used for everything from web development, support and online marketing. For example, if you have a request for a major change or addition to your website or shop, you are always welcome to contact us for an offer. We estimate how much time we will spent on the task and after, you can buy a matching voucher.

You can save up to 15% off the normal hourly rate. And even better is that there is no expiration date on our voucher. Read more about our cut card here

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